The Knife Man: Blood, Body-snatching and the Birth of Modern Surgery

Winner of the Medical Journalists’ Open Book Award 2005, this book is about John Hunter. Revered and feared in equal measure, Hunter was the most famous surgeon of eighteenth-century London. An inspiration for Dr Jekyll and Dr Dolittle, he was a maverick medical pioneer, and even anticipated the evolutionary theories of Darwin.New
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The Rise And Fall Of Modern Medicine

This was first published to considerable acclaim in 1999. It neatly divided modern medical achievements into “12 definitive moments”: from the discoveries of penicillin and cortisone through to the birth of intensive care, hip replacements and test-tube babies. Central to its historical narrative is Le Fanu’s argument that the most significant modern medical advances are clustered between the post-war period and the 1970s, a time when innovations in our understanding of disease, surgical…

The Heart Healers: The Misfits, Mavericks, and Rebels Who Created the Great…

At one time, heart disease was a death sentence. In “The Heart Healers,” world renowned cardiologist Dr. James Forrester tells the story of the mavericks and rebels who defied the accumulated medical wisdom of the day to begin conquering heart disease. By the middle of the 20th century, heart disease was killing millions and, as with the Black Death centuries before, physicians stood helpless. Visionaries, though, had begun to make strides earlier. On Sept. 7, 1895, Ludwig Rehn successfully…