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In the Kingdom of the Sick: A Social History of Chronic Illness in America

Thirty years ago, Susan Sontag wrote, “Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship in the kingdom of the well and the kingdom of the sick … Sooner or later each of us is obliged, at least for a spell, to identify ourselves as citizens of that other place.” Now more than 133 million Americans live with chronic illness, accounting for nearly three-quarters of all health care dollars, and untold pain and disability.

There has been an alarming rise in illnesses that defy diagnosis through…

In The Kingdom Of The Sick

Pub Date : 2014-07-08 | Author : Laurie Edwards | Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN 10 : 9781620406281
ISBN 13 : 1620406284

A social history of how science, technology, and culture have shaped the experience of chronic illness--from vaccinations, patients' rights, and activism, to social media...

Chronic Disease In The Twentieth Century

Pub Date : 2014-03-25 | Author : George Weisz | Publisher : JHU Press

ISBN 10 : 9781421413020
ISBN 13 : 1421413027

Long and recurring illnesses have burdened sick people and their doctors since ancient times, but until recently the concept of "chronic disease" had limited significance. Even lin..

Chronicbabe 101

Pub Date : 2017-09-03 | Author : Jenni Grover | Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10 : 1534677887
ISBN 13 : 9781534677883

Are you struggling to reclaim your identity after getting sick? Frustrated with relationships that have gone sour, or a career that's stalled out? Ready to feel more savvy, sexy, a..

A History Of The Present Illness

Pub Date : 2013-01-22 | Author : Louise Aronson | Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN 10 : 9781620400081
ISBN 13 : 1620400081

Sixteen "lovely, nuanced†? (The New York Times) linked stories from a potent new voice-a doctor with an M.D. from Harvard and an M.F.A. in fiction. A History of the Present Illne..

The China Study Revised And Expanded Edition

Pub Date : 2016-12-27 | Author : T. Colin Campbell | Publisher : BenBella Books, Inc.

ISBN 10 : 9781942952909
ISBN 13 : 1942952902

The revised and expanded edition of the bestseller that changed millions of lives The science is clear. The results are unmistakable. You can dramatically reduce your risk of cance..

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