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Holes In The Head

Pub Date : 2016-06-13 | Author : John W. Verano | Publisher : Dumbarton Oaks Research Library & Collection

ISBN 10 : 0884024121
ISBN 13 : 9780884024125

Trepanation is the oldest surgical procedure known from antiquity, but its origins, evolution, and the reasons for doing it remain unclear. "Holes in the Head" examines trepanation..

Living With The Dead In The Andes

Pub Date : 2015-05-14 | Author : Izumi Shimada | Publisher : University of Arizona Press

ISBN 10 : 9780816531745
ISBN 13 : 0816531749

The Andean idea of death differs markedly from the Western view. In the Central Andes, particularly the highlands, death is not conceptually separated from life, nor is it viewed a..

Ritual Violence In The Ancient Andes

Pub Date : 2016-07-26 | Author : Haagen D. Klaus | Publisher : University of Texas Press

ISBN 10 : 9781477310588
ISBN 13 : 1477310584

Traditions of sacrifice exist in almost every human culture and often embody a society's most meaningful religious and symbolic acts. Ritual violence was particularly varied and en..

Sacrifice Violence And Ideology Among The Moche

Pub Date : 2016-05-03 | Author : Steve Bourget | Publisher : University of Texas Press

ISBN 10 : 9781477308738
ISBN 13 : 1477308733

In a special precinct dedicated to ritual sacrifice at Huaca de la Luna on the north coast of Peru, about seventy-five men were killed and dismembered, their remains and body parts..

Vertical Empire

Pub Date : 2012-11-06 | Author : Jeremy Ravi Mumford | Publisher : Duke University Press

ISBN 10 : 9780822353102
ISBN 13 : 0822353105

In 1569 the Spanish viceroy Francisco de Toledo ordered more than one million native people of the central Andes to move to newly founded Spanish-style towns called reducciones. Th..

Violence And Warfare Among Hunter Gatherers

Pub Date : 2016-07-01 | Author : Mark W Allen | Publisher : Routledge

ISBN 10 : 9781315415956
ISBN 13 : 131541595X

How did warfare originate? Was it human genetics? Social competition? The rise of complexity? Intensive study of the long-term hunter-gatherer past brings us closer to an answer. T..

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